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Importance Of Telecommunication In Our Society

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Importance Of Telecommunication In Our Society

Telecommunications is medium for the transmission of data and information between computers using a communications link such as a standard telephone line. Commonly, a basic telecommunications system would consist of a computer on each end, communication component for sending and receiving data, mails and a communication channel linking the two users. Appropriate communications software is also compulsory to handle the transmission of data between computers. Some operation that rely on this communications technology include the following.

Electronic mail(e-mail) is a message transmitted from one destination to another destination. Both the sender and receiver destination must have access to on-line services if they are not connected to the same network. E-mail is now one of the main frequently used types of telecommunication. An electronic mail message consists of two equipments, the message header and the message body, which is the email’s content write. The message header gather information,including, minimally an originators email address (url) and one or more recipient addresses. Usually more information is added, such as a subject header field.

Voice mail is same to an answering machine in that it allows a caller to leave a voice message in a voice mailbox. Messages are digitized so the caller’s message or information can be stored on a disk.video conference mainly known as a video teleconference that is a set of interactive telecommunication technologies which permits two or more locations to interact via two way video and audio transmissions simultaneously. It has also been called visual fraternizing and is a type of groupware. It differs from videophone in that it is planed to act a conference rather than individuals.

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